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This page displays the 3d printed armature kit prototypes I've been developing. 

Printed using  Nylon, it's a high-performance alternative to plastics.


Stress testing has shown that the armature is extremely light weight, strong and able to maintain set poses. Making it ideal for stopmotion armatures. 

More can be seen at

Above displays the latest design for the 3d printed armatures using a specially designed knee, elbow and toe hinges. The Hinge allows for smooth rotation of the joint without risking snapping the wire limbs in these key areas. Additionally the hinge adds consistency to the limbs bending location  when compared to wire.


These armatures work on a system of interlocking tubes. The wire limb are glued into one of the provided smaller white nylon tubes which is then inserted into one of the grey main bodies parts. which is then locked in place with a grub screw, locking the parts securely in place.

The current design makes full use of the following features:


  • Hinge Knees,

  • Hinge elbow,

  • Hinge toe,

  • Foot/toe with two tie down locations (front half of foot and back heel of foot),

  • Replaceable limbs in the event of wire breakages,

  • Rigging points in hips from 4 points, 

  • Rigging a point in the chest,

  • Protective tube for the wire so that locking the limb in place doesn't cause damage,

  • Simple head with eye sockets and minimalist exsprestion,

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