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Face Value - Chris Plimmer

Face Value - Chris Plimmer

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Face Value

Face Value is set in a world where people can change their faces like updating their Iphone to the latest model. Covering the story of a couple who are shopping for the “perfect” new face.

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face value_00409
face value_01791
Been busy with tiny hand movements! ----
Got these little guys in their new home
A photo from my degree show of me (left)

Festival Run

3 Awards,  3 Semi-Finalist, 29 Selected


Nick Park Award 2018,

Best in Show at Sheffield Hallam Degree Show 2018,

Award winner - British International Amateur Film Festival,

Best Animated Film Hothouse Theatre's Nottingham Film Festival 2018, 

Semi-Finalist at Rebel Minded Festival 2018,

Semi-Finalist at Anny - Animation Nights New York,


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