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Past commissions

Commissions and freelance Prices vary but I always bring all of my creativity energy into the project to produce the best work I can for the client. If your interested contact me via the "Contact" on the Navigation Bar so we can discuss your budget.  

The final image used for _tierrawhack  go check it out if you get the chance ! ---------------------
So here’s a commissioned album cover I’ve been creating for _kloudgod ,original plan was to have tat
Did a tiny abit of work at making characters of people on Twitter who asked, can't remember who aske
I just finished a commission for 6 stopmotion heads for _flycheese , hoping to post more pictures of
Had a great time doing some work for _flycheese creating this guy! Hope people enjoy it! Check out m
A quick shot of what I’ve been up to, been making puppet for a commission! Pretty happy with how it
Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 23.44
A quick shot of what I’ve been up to, been making this head for a commission! Mouths are still being
Trying to make my characters look less l
Got these little guys in their new home
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