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Pinocchio Animation

Stopmotion animation I made for the Pinocchio 2023 competition. Includes the animation and behind the scenes photos.

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

Stopmotion animation campaign made for the Railway industry.

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Che Ecru - eXplain myself 

eXplain myself by Che Ecru (Official Video)

Directed by Chris Plimmer

Produced by Che Ecru Executive

Producers: Che Ecru & MontyLov Management: Subtle

Label: F PLUS

Man's Bestfriend Forever

My second student film "Man's Bestfriend Forever"

Wanting his dog to be his “best friend forever” the main character chooses to have his beloved pet dog go through an operation to make this a reality. After turning into his dog into a robot he must face the ethical ramification of his decision many years after. Animated entirely by myself.  

Face Value

A short film created in my third year of my BA in animation at Sheffield Hallam University.

Face Value is set in a world where people can change their faces like updating their Iphone to the latest model. Covering the story of a couple who are shopping for the “perfect” new face.

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