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to My Puppet Portfolio 

Below is my visual portfolio. This is a display of my publicly available work, some projects are still under NDA and therefore unavailable. Contact me at for more information.

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Puppet Gallery

Here is a "Over the Garden Wall" Inspired Puppet. The puppet is 3d printed in abs resin with wire limbs connected together via tubes. All hand painted and designed by my self.

Here is a "skater Pumpkin Head". The puppet head is super sculpty firm on a pingpong ball with a tube glued inside. Also has a Nylon 3d printed armature hinges connected by wire limbs via tubes. All hand painted, clothes sewn and designed by my self. I also made the character a Prop 3d printed skate board which I painted and distressed.

Here is my in development of 3d printed heads. These heads were developed to be hollow and have replacement faces that fit exactly the same every time with reduced wiggle room. They also feature animatable blinks that sit on the eye cup, preventing eye movement affecting blinks position. Resins used 8k resin + Abs resin.

Here is my Pinocchio (fan made) animations. This character was made with 3d printed nylon which was sanded and painted. Parts are connected by wire and the eyes use a cupping method for the eye lids. Several small mouths were made for replacement animation.

These are images from several projects. Hover over the images for more information. Examples of materials is hand made clothing with silicone hands, needle felting, 3d printed slim armature, Needle felt human characters, 3d printed molds and silver soldered custom rig parts.